Top Honeymoon Destinations in the Caribbean

Where will you spend your first weeks as a married couple? Wherever it is, you hope those first weeks will be unforgettable. With brilliant sunsets admired from white sand beaches and moonlit strolls along the water. If you and your beau narrowed it down to the islands of the Caribbean, here is some information to help you decide. Here are the top honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean. Continue reading “Top Honeymoon Destinations in the Caribbean” »

Best all-inclusive resorts in Mexico

As a first time tourist, finding Mexico’s best all-inclusive resorts can be a pretty daunting task. Most people immediately think of Cancun, and rightfully so, resorts such as Club Med call Cancun home. In Cancun, there are 240 Hotels with 24,000 rooms and 380 restaurants. Cancun is one of the top ten most traveled destinations in the world, it is visited by over four million people a year. Continue reading “Best all-inclusive resorts in Mexico” »

Things to do in Jamaica

Jamaica is the largest English-speaking island in the Caribbean and was one of the first to develop itself as a major tourist destination.  The north and west coasts are the centers of the island’s tourist industry. Continue reading “Things to do in Jamaica” »

Things to do in Puerto Rico in Summer

Some like it hot. Weather, that is. If you do, maybe a trip to Puerto Rico in the summer time is in order. Boasting a monthly average temperature of 80 degrees throughout the summer, Puerto Rico offers great deals on travel and accommodations for summer vacationers. Topping it off with some of the most interesting festivals in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico just might be your next summer vacation destination. Continue reading “Things to do in Puerto Rico in Summer” »

Cheap Caribbean Vacations and budget-friendly destinations

Dreaming about tropical islands and white sandy beaches, but worried about the expenditures involved? I know that you’ve seen those ads on television touting the all inclusive resorts with all the fancy amenities. Yes, they are beautiful and who wouldn’t like to stay there. But if you are like me I simply can’t afford to stay there every time I go. What you don’t see are the very beautiful smaller resorts that line the seven mile sugar beaches at Negril, Jamaica. Continue reading “Cheap Caribbean Vacations and budget-friendly destinations” »

Travel to Cuba – Travel Destinations in Cuba

Cuba as a Travel Destination

Having visited Cuba on more than five occasions, I have come to appreciate the wide variety of locales that this island country offers. As a Canadian, I have been able to travel to Cuba since the age of 13, when my family and I visited the area of Santiago, near the majestic Sierra Maestra mountain range in the southwest corner of the island. Continue reading “Travel to Cuba – Travel Destinations in Cuba” »

Best Caribbean Beaches

The first thing the word ‘Caribbean brings to mind is a white sand beach fringed by waving coconut palms. Yet many Caribbean islands have dark sand beaches, many being relative, since one may say that compared to the Pacific islands, there are not many Caribbean islands. However, be that as it may, some of the most glorious white sand beaches are located in the Caribbean. Continue reading “Best Caribbean Beaches” »